SUMIT - MDM & Data Governance Improving Operations

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Information Management, SOLUTIONS - Industry Solutions

Southwestern Energy needed to expedite the drilling process. So, together with Noah Consulting, they built SUMIT, Southwestern Unified Master Integration Technology, a master data management solution that enables the Land, Reservoir and G&G departments within Southwestern Energy to effectively collaborate throughout the life-cycle of a well. To accomplish this, the team worked with stakeholders in the three departments to fully define a well and a five phase life-cycle, including attributes and objects associated with each. This information was used along with PPDM 3.8 to build a custom data model and to define a standardized process for well creation. SUMIT integrates with the ERP and various systems of the three participating departments, which include a series of individual planning and drilling applications. Wells are created within SUMIT early in the life-cycle after a quick approval process of all three departments. The well is then pushed to other systems through an ETL process within 15 minutes of approval. SUMIT requests a unique well identifier from the ERP system that is used consistently across all systems eliminating the need for cross reference management. To safeguard data quality, data governance and stewardship was addressed through identification of specific individuals to act as data stewards and the application of business rules to insure consistency. A built-in web services workflow typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete requests of the data steward’s approval for all added or updated data inside of SUMIT prior to making it visible or available to other systems. This process makes data within SUMIT the trusted data of record. In order to facilitate the consumption of the data, SUMIT has a series of custom web applications that provide consumers access to reporting and interface views through other systems as well as directly in SUMIT.

There are 4 major benefits of SUMIT; Time, Unique Well ID, Data Trust, and Visibility. Time: SUMIT is able to access data from G&G systems and process it for consumption by other systems, thereby eliminating manual processes and greatly accelerating the flow of information from one system to the next. Prior to the implementation of SUMIT, the process of synchronizing well attribute data between all groups, G&G, Land, Reservoir, Production and Accounting was labor intensive or, in some cases, non-existent. Now, within minutes of well creation it is distributed to the appropriate groups and applications automatically. This gives Southwestern the ability to significantly compress the Planning phase of the well life-cycle by several weeks and provide decision makers with more timely and accurate data. Unique Well ID: There is no longer a need for the ERP system to create a well and completion as it is created in SUMIT and sent to the ERP applications through scheduled ETL processes. To facilitate this, a unique identifier is defined and used consistently across all systems for each of the wells, wellbores, and wellbore completions. SUMIT requests and uses the ERP systems’ unique well identifier so that a single key is used across all applications. Trust: SUMIT brought greater visibility to data quality issues. Consequently, data stewards and business rules and standards for detection, prevention and corrections have been put in place along with checks and validations to ensure that the quality is improving as a result of the standards. It is definitely driving various departments to improve their data quality. Visibility: SUMIT is able to seamlessly link well data from well planning through disposal thereby providing a deeper visibility into the well life-cycle.