Missing Supplier Information Intervention

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, PRACTICES - Facilities Information Management

A supermajor oil and gas company with a $7B FPSO (floating, production, storage, and offloading) project appointed a contractor to purchase equipment for approximately 200 supplier packages. Toward the end of construction, there were over 90,000 technical documents, from suppliers and contractors, scheduled for handover from the capital projects group to operations.

Since the majority of the equipment was delivered and installed, it was thought that all supplier documentation, over 20,000 documents, was also complete. However, status reporting and analysis from the facilities information management (FIM) team revealed that 6,500 supplier documents were missing. In addition, of the 20,000 documents received, 4,500 documents were incomplete.

This missing supplier information threatened the project’s ability to complete engineering, construction, purchase order closeout, commissioning, regulatory approval, and start-up. This exposed the project to safety risks and delay in systems handover and first oil.

Noah FIM experts understand major capital projects’ systems, requirements, and the metadata that enables the management of deliverables.

Using structured methodologies to engage engineering, procurement, information management, and operations teams, our specialists reconcile missing and/or incomplete supplier information. These methodologies involve consolidating and analyzing the available data to quantify gaps and develop actionable remediation plans. These plans typically encompass supplemental work processes and the coordination of multiple organizations across multiple time zones.

Our approach successfully drives the acquisition and integration of your missing supplier information.

The FIM intervention enabled the project team to mitigate some of the risks associated with the biggest concerns in oil and gas projects: safety and time to first oil (250,000 boe per day). The targeted acquisition of 11,000 missing and incomplete supplier documents by FIM specialists made it possible to complete engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover to operations.

Handing over a full set of cataloged documentation to operations minimizes the time numerous teams can waste searching for missing information. This also delivers countless other benefits throughout the lifetime of the asset, including enablement of regulatory compliance along with support for process safety, equipment maintenance, and facilities modifications.

Ultimately, the final handover included 26,500 supplier documents – a 32% increase!