Large Independent Oil & Gas Company

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, PRACTICES - Upstream, SOLUTION - Strategic Services


Finding themselves in a strong growth mode, this large oil and gas independent saw value in creating a strategy and vision for how technical information was to be managed throughout the upstream business. They turned to Noah to bring clarity to their technical information management practices, provide direction to their various data-related efforts, and to deliver industry-leading solutions.


This large independent realized numerous in-flight initiatives were in effect creating duplicate functionality to solve similar information management problems. The enterprise road-map allowed the corporation to realize the synergies between projects and maximize the synergies between the various initiatives and reduce the overall information management expenditure. It also allowed the client to create a plan to create a corporate destination for all technical information and provide single point of access for all consumers.


The enterprise plan provided:

- Cross project visibility and streamlined standards for how information is validated

- A communicable vision for all future technical information management initiatives

- Technical repository for data and a streamlined interface for delivery and consumption

- Reduction in cost of information management expenditures by eliminating duplicate efforts to create similar functionality