Extended Content Management & Taxonomy Project - Large Independent E&P Company

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, PRACTICES - Content Enablement, PRACTICES - Upstream, SOLUTION - Information Management


The findings of a current state assessment revealed that cataloging along with managing and finding documents and records was a major inhibitor to effective workflows for an independent energy company that is a major producer of natural gas.

To solve this, Noah Consulting was bought on by the client for an enterprise content management project focused on creating a taxonomy that establishes a logical enterprise standard to index and catalog information ─ physical, unstructured and structured ─ so it can be easily identified and retrieved.


The focus of the project was on subsurface data in Sharepoint 2013. The taxonomy and subsurface standards included, but were not limited to ─ paleo; geology; well log; rasters; depth calibrated raster; velocity; directional; drilling; tests; petrophysics; borehole geophysics; well reports; core data; general well information; maps and field studies; and other core data assets.

The high-level plan encompassed several key efforts:

1. Establishing a taxonomy for centralized content management of unstructured subsurface data.

2. Establishing the file naming standard for unstructured enterprise data.

3. Incorporating the taxonomy in SharePoint 2013.

4. Establishing formal governance of the taxonomy and related data.

5. Migrating data from current sources, including LiveLink, to SharePoint 2013.

6. Ensuring incorporation of the records management requirements into the solution.


The client now has the ability to:
- store documents with appropriate tags with regards to content, origin, format and record type;

- have a higher degree of confidence in retrieved documents; and

- spend less time finding documents and more time using the contents of those files to find, produce and sell hydrocarbons in a safe, efficient manner knowing that key business decisions are based on sound information.