Information Management

We believe access to timely, consistent, actionable information can be realized when the proper framework, processes, and models are in place. This can be achieved through information management solutions, such as master data management (MDM), data governance, content management, and enterprise integration. These are not a one-size fits all solutions, projects start by understanding business requirements and defining standard business facts such as rules, names, definitions and data structures unique to the company. Then a framework is established that supports the design of a fit-for-purpose architecture that will meet both short and long term business objectives. Noah Consulting fully understands that there are many architectural and tool options. We work with clients to ensure that in the end the technical choices deliver the business objectives. Our thought leadership, industry knowledge and an established methodology enables our consultants to engage rapidly to create lasting information management solutions.

  • architecture
  • data governance
  • data quality
  • data warehouse & big data
  • data integration
  • metadata management
  • data virtualization
  • content management
  • master data management

Strategic Services

Noah helps companies make possibilities a reality. The first step is building a solid strategy and plan which are the foundation for any sustainable information management program. We begin by establishing a common understanding of the Current State of the Organization, Technology and Data; then craft a Technical Future State, Organizational Governance Framework, Value Case, and Implementation Master Plan to serve as a guide in solving data management and business intelligence issues. We look at readiness, business value, ease of implementation and business priorities to create a roadmap that is completely tailored and has a positive impact on your top and bottom lines.

  • strategy & planning
  • value assessment
  • maturity model assessment
  • service line definition
  • architecture

Industry Solutions

When clients engage Noah Consulting they can be confident that we understand their business and speak their language because every member of the team has industry-specific knowledge and experience. Many are veteran industry leaders who now serve as subject matter experts on client projects, as well as trainers & mentors for the team. As a result, our clients see rapid and efficient progress with open and stress-free communication. We have deep experience in solving energy company issues from data capture, general operations, organization, optimization, standards, integration, logistics and beyond.

  • process design
  • technical data services
  • IM in the shale
  • electronic well file
  • drilling analytics
  • customer analytics
  • industry standards
  • project information management


There is substantial value in the data that is stored in the various systems across the enterprise. The best business decisions require companies to derive meaning from the data, seeing the connections and distinguishing the important from not important. Competitive advantage demands companies make the best decisions now, not later this month, tomorrow or even an in an hour – now. Noah Consulting specializes in the technical skills and industry knowledge to help companies design, build and implement world-class analytics solutions that enable quick, confident decisions that can improve performance, avoid accidents and boost profitability.

  • business intelligence
  • visual & predictive analytics
  • data appliances


To help expedite the demands of asset divestitures and acquisitions, Noah has combined data management methodologies and strategic information management capabilities into a complete deal management solution: Acquisition Divestiture Data Room Optimization (ADDRO). ADDRO uses standardized methods, contains powerful tools and technology to collect, track and manage structured and unstructured data throughout the A&D transaction lifecycle. ADDRO features customizable dashboards to access robust data across varying disciplines. It facilitates communication directly between parties accelerating the A&D process and streamlining the process to accurately evaluate assets. Noah applies proprietary, industry-leading accelerators and processes for capturing, cleansing, and delivering high quality data to deliver maximum value for seller discovery, broker value establishment, and buyer evaluation and potential integration of new assets. ADDRO is scalable and customizable to meet the requirements of sellers and buyers and is broker neutral.