Large Independent Oil & Gas Company In a strong growth mode, this large oil & gas independent saw value in creating a strategy and vision for how technical information was to be managed throughout the upstream business.


Do Not Let These Four 'Words' Cause Your Project to Fail Perception is a powerful thing, often to the point that a person's perception is, in fact, their view of reality. This is especially true in the case of words. Many data management projects have run into difficulty in their outset or acceptance due to people's perception of certain words. Here are the top four usual suspects.
Architectural Interest: Enterprise Architecture Defined The Q3 2013 newsletter "Architectural Interest" article by Jim Crompton.
Architectural Interest: Myth Busters #1 - Architects are all Technical, and all Architectures are Technical The first of a series of articles that will look into the world of the enterprise architect. In each Vernon will take one commonly-held myth about architects and then offer some alternative perspectives, anecdotes and truths to dispel that myth.
Architectural Interest: Myth Busters #2 - Enterprise Architects Live in Ivory Towers The second in a series by Vernon Smith about enterprise architecture and the myths that surround the discipline.
Information Management in the Unconventional Space presented at the 17th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Data Management by Fred Kunzinger, co-authored by Matt Tatro.

Quantitative Value of Data and Data Management presented at the 15th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Information Management by Noah Consulting & Hess Corporation


25 feb '13
Inspiring Students To Look At Data Management Noah Consulting is pleased to support PPDM Association’s inaugural Data Management University (DMU) & Career Fair in Houston.
04 apr '12
Noah Consulting is Honored with Consulting Magazine’s 2012 Small Jewel Award
31 may '11
Haines & Kunzinger Named 2011 PNEC Cornerstone Recipients Paul Haines was presented with the Cornerstone Award for his work in advancing upstream data management.