Stewart Nelson Elected Houston DAMA Chapter President


Noah Consulting is pleased to announce that Stewart Nelson has been elected President of the Houston Data Management Association (DAMA) Chapter. The election was conducted at the 2013 Quarter 1 Chapter Meeting on February 12th in downtown Houston. Stewart has served on the board of the Houston DAMA Chapter for the past 2 years, serving as VP of Communications and VP of Programs.

For the last 20 years, Stewart has worked to build sales, marketing and delivery capabilities for various service organizations in the Energy domain. He understands the value in motivation, relationships, and expertise and has successfully leveraged these capabilities throughout his career. In 2008, Stewart was part of the team that founded Noah Consulting and has been a key contributor to the fast growth and great success that Noah has seen.

Stewart has a tremendous passion for understanding challenges of the E&P community and works to find solutions that align with goals and deliver maximum value. His fast-paced, energetic style inspires those around him. He brings teams together rapidly and helps them recognize of the possibilities of success. His experience and leadership will bring continue to bring great value to the Houston DAMA chapter.

DAMA International is a non-profit, vendor-independent, global association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management. DAMA is organized into a number of chapters, found in many countries around the world; one such chapter is in Houston, Texas. The Houston chapter’s goal is to provide an informative and entertaining forum for data management professionals in the area.