Noah Consulting to Discuss Current State of Digital Oilfield and Change Management at SPE Digital Energy Conference


The Society of Petroleum Engineer’s (SPE) Digital Energy Conference is an international event that addresses key aspects of digital oilfield developments. At SPE Digital Energy Conference in The Woodlands, TX, Noah SME Jim Crompton will present on the current state of the digital oilfield.

On Tuesday, March 3, Jim is presenting “The Digital Oilfield Hype Curve: A Current Assessment of the Oil and Gas Industry's Digital Oilfield Program” at 1:30 p.m., and co-presenting “Change Management in The Digital Oilfield: We know we need it, but where's the roadmap?” with Tina Berger of Expressworks at 4 p.m.

The digital oilfield, or integrated operations as some call it, is nothing new; however, it is evolving as complexity grows amidst the flood of production data. Thousands of sensors at the wellhead, millions of parts in the supply chain, global capital projects, and many highly trained personnel create a data-rich environment. Jim will note what is driving the evolution of the digital oilfield and the challenges of successful adoption. He will share case studies that highlight proven approaches for creating, managing, linking, and automating changes in these core data environments.

Linking data in data-centric environments hinges on a company’s ability to do one thing – collaborate. Collaboration is crucial to managing change during the sustainable delivery of digital oilfield programs. The vision for a data-driven culture calls for a change and disruption of existing processes, something most people dread. In Jim’s presentation with Tina Berger of Expressworks, the two will outline where to focus efforts when managing change of technologies, and multidisciplinary processes and workflows associated with implementing or overhauling digital oilfield programs.

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Presenter’s Bio
Jim Crompton, a distinguished leader in E&P data management, spent 37 years at Chevron stacking up a truly impressive list of accomplishments. One of the many highlights of Jim’s work was leading a large standardization project at Chevron. As part of the Chevron & Texaco merger, he led a study team for the IT Merger Integration Organization. For this, he received a President's Award.

In 2002, Jim was named a Chevron Fellow in acknowledgment of his contributions, and he served as the chair of the Fellows Network from 2006-2008.

Outside of his work for Chevron, Jim was elected chair of the general committee for Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX). In this role, he was able to influence the direction of the standards setting activities towards emerging technologies, such as XML, and advanced electronic business models that complemented the established EDI practices in the industry. He was also selected to participate in the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program for 2009-2010. Jim resides in Colorado, with his wife, and enjoys writing.