PPDM and Noah Consulting


PPDM and Noah Consulting Sign Cooperation Agreement –Noah Consulting and the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) have a long standing relationship. This relationship has developed as the Noah Consulting team members have worked to help a number of organizations adopt, implement and derive maximum benefit from the PPDM model. The PPDM organization continues to add value to the membership via a number of workgroups. One of the most popular and well received work groups is titled What Is A Well (WIAW). PPDM and Noah signed a cooperation agreement to actively direct the ongoing demands of the WIAW workgroup. Noah provides a unique combination of skills to the workgroup including intimate awareness of the entire model, specific PPDM based best practices, information management expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the processes where PPDM is leveraged daily.

The WIAW materials visual animations to define the seemingly limitless combinations of subsurface scenarios which are the culprit in causing most data integration problems between systems or reporting functions. The WIAW materials also impact the next level of complexity to well information management, the various regulatory agencies. Each country, state and county apply unique definitions and or constraints on how information is defined. The WIAW materials incorporates these unique rules to the base definitions and provides the users with an effective awareness of how the location of the well can have significant impact on how information is defined. Noah is proud to be asked to partner with PPDM on the WIAW workgroup and continuing to provide value to the membership of PPDM.