Noah Consulting Discusses Sensor Technology on DM Radio


October 23 | 2p.m. CST
"The Smartest Planet ─ From Chips to Grids and Beyond"
The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us! IoT is an advancement in which objects are assigned an IP address and provided the ability to transfer data over a network. In the energy space, the best example is sensor technology that acquires critical data for rigs and platforms.

IoT presents tremendous promise ─ and challenges ─ for the world of information managers. How can the IoT augment, or even supplant traditional business intelligence? How can it transform operations?

The number of devices connected to the Internet continues to grow exponentially, so operators’ ability to send, receive, gather, analyze and respond to events from any connected device increases as well. As such, the growing volume of data is increasing the need for capacity to process information. But the bottleneck of data access, lack of adopted standards, data governance and data quality pose significant challenges.

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