Noah Consulting to Speak at Mid-Continent Digital Oilfield Conference


Noah Consulting SME, Jim Crompton, is scheduled to speak about the “Unconventional Digital Oilfield” at the Mid-Continent Digital Oilfield Conference (MCDOC) Wednesday, February 18, 2015, from 10:45 – 11:15 a.m. in Tulsa, OK.

The MCDOC is a conference that focuses on how digital technologies improve and change the oilfield business.

Jim will discuss how the oil and gas industry is equipped and positioned to take advantage of the vast amount of data from its operations. Thousands of sensors at the wellhead, millions of parts in the supply chain, global capital projects, and many highly trained personnel create a data-rich environment. The challenge is creating, managing, linking, and automating changes in these core data environments so they can be repurposed to support strategic initiatives and daily operations. Data management success in the unconventional world hinges on four components, governance, integration, business process management, and analytics. In this presentation, Jim will share best practices for accurately collecting information and making it available for analytical use, which is the basis for optimization.

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Presenter’s Bio

Jim Crompton is a distinguished leader in E&P data management who spent 37 years at Chevron, stacking up a truly impressive list of accomplishments. One of the many highlights of Jim’s work was leading a large standardization project at Chevron. He also led a study team for the IT Merger Integration Organization as part of the Chevron & Texaco merger. For this, he received a President's Award.

In 2002, Jim was named a Chevron Fellow in acknowledgment of his contributions, and he served as the chair of the Fellows Network from 2006-2008. Outside of his work for Chevron, Jim was elected chair of the general committee for Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX). In this role, he was able to influence the direction of the standards setting activities towards emerging technologies, such as XML, and advanced electronic business models to complement the established EDI practices in the industry. He was also selected to participate in the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program for 2009-2010. Jim resides in Colorado, with his wife, and enjoys writing.