Noah Consulting to Present on Standards, Best Practices and Big Data at P2 Ascend Conference


At the P2 Ascend Conference, Wednesday, November 19 from 2:40 – 3:30 p.m., Shannon Tassin, director for Noah Consulting, a leading, award-winning provider of energy information management services, will share lessons learned and best practices for leveraging PPDM ─ the industry standards organization for data management ─ to solve complex data management problems. He will focus on highlighting solutions including master data management, data governance and “Big Data” technologies to transform businesses into more profitable companies.

“PPDM standards are a driving force behind many of Noah Consulting’s methodologies,” said Shannon Tassin, director and co-founder for Noah Consulting. “Standards enable our team of experts to develop solutions based on proven success.”

Shannon Tassin has more than 20 years of experience in developing technology solutions for clients. His expertise includes information management, data warehousing, geographic information systems, oilfield of the future, and upstream technical applications. Shannon has delivered consulting services and led initiatives across oil and gas super majors and independents alike. He specializes in project and engagement management and has led Noah projects that are revolutionizing upstream information management.


Founded in 2008, Noah Consulting is an award-winning leader in information management for energy companies. With a unique combination of industry knowledge and technical capabilities, Noah manages the greatest driver of decisions for the industry ─ data. Noah’s team has an average experience of over eighteen years, much of it working directly to help supermajors, mid-size independent and oilfield service companies shift their approach to managing the hordes of data accrued from several business functions across the enterprise. In all of North America, Noah partners with clients to plan, architect, create and deploy solutions to transform data into a valuable asset that empowers companies to make informed decisions multimillion conventional and unconventional investments. Noah has offices in Houston and Calgary, as well as projects in other global markets. Stay connected through the newsletter (subscribe here) and on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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