Noah Consulting Shares How Analytics Can Transform Shale Plays in Europe


On the cusp of Europe’s new legislation to regulate shale plays, Fred Kunzinger, senior principal and upstream subject matter expert for Noah Consulting ─ a leading provider of energy information management services ─ discussed how an operator’s data can become a true asset to Unconventional operations.

In Haugesund, Norway at the ECIM E&P Data and Information Management Conference, September 16, and at Digital Energy Journal’s Using Analytics to Improve Production Conference, September 23, in Aberdeen, Scotland, Fred addressed how much of the data required to optimize the assembly line in shale production ─ dates, the time gaps between them, and the causes of those gaps ─ has been neglected or not treated as important as larger offshore projects that simply do not have the same challenges.

Shorter production cycles are not a priority for offshore; but, in shale, time to market is a real issue. Shale wells tend to lose 2/3 of its production in the first two years vs. offshore wells, which routinely produce for 30 years. Accurately collecting information and making it available for analytical use becomes the basis for optimization scenarios. More timely analysis to the causes of NPT (or non-productive time) in unconventional drilling operations will give an operator greater insight to areas that need improvement and areas where this insight can produce real bottom-line value.

For Fred's bio and presentation abstract, “Are We Doing the Right Things and are We Doing them the Right Way?: Using analytics to transform the way we drill and produce more shale plays,”  click here. To download his presentation click here.