Noah Consulting & Hess Exploration to Present at 2012 PNEC Conference


Production Operations Data in a TVDB Environment

Renaissance Greenway Plaza Hotel, Houston, TX

Wednesday, May 16, 2012- Concurrent Sessions- ROOM 1 Breakout Session 1:00 – 1:25 pm

Authors: Fred Kunzinger, Ewen McRobbie, Mark Wiseman, Hess Corporation, Houston, Texas USA and Paul Haines, Mike Wing, Noah Consulting, Houston, Texas, USA

Abstract: In 2010 at this PNEC venue, Hess, Noah, and Volant presented the Interpretation Technically Validated Database (iTVDB). Since then, good progress has been made; Hess has governance, technology, and processes to validate and promote key well and seismic interpretation data. This solution is based on key events, hand-offs, and project milestones.

But, can TVDB principles be applied to more operationally focused E&P data? What would the governance, processes, and technology look like? What would be the same and what would be different?

In 2010, Hess and Noah explored those questions and others as they related to production operations data (pTVDB). We looked at the current state of Hess’ production operations data and associated processes and technology. We looked at what “TVDB” means to data that evolves (changes or adds to) frequently and that already has some QC processes applied. We created the high-level, future architecture, road map for an implementation strategy, and business priorities that fell in line with TVDB principles.

In 2011, Hess initiated a project with Noah to pilot a high-priority data type for a key location to validate the TVDB principles and then design and implement a solution.

This paper will review progress to date in both iTVDB and pTVDB. It will compare and contrast the governance, processes, and technology associated with both. It will describe the potential uses and benefits of using TVDB principles for operational data.