Noah Consulting and Nexen Speak to Alberta Data Architecture Community


Please join Noah Consulting’s Dean Balog, principal, along with Nexen Energy’s Wendy Busher, Brent McCowan and Kate Winterbottom to present “Data Governance on Well Header: Not Only is it Possible, Where Else Would you Start!” to Alberta Data Architecture Community November 12, 2014.

Noah Consulting is a food sponsor for the event. For more information about the presentation, note the abstract and visit

Data Governance initiatives face long odds to get started and even worse odds to maintain any sort of momentum. Come hear how Nexen has managed to overcome a number of false starts with Data Governance to finally gain momentum.

The presentation will be made by three members of Nexen’s Data Governance Council, each representing their own business unit as advocates and champions, as well as by one of the consultants from Noah Consulting assisting them on their journey.

Although the presentation will use a number of examples specific to well header data and other subsurface oil and gas data types, the focus of the material will be on topics and tips that are applicable to any data governance effort. This will not focus on technology, but more on how to navigate the tenuous relationships between business units and also between IT and the business.