Haines & Kunzinger Named 2011 PNEC Cornerstone Recipients


DALLAS, Texas--April 14, 2011—Recognizing significant accomplishments in upstream petroleum data management, today the Cornerstone Award Selection Committee with the assistance of Petroleum Network Education Conferences, Philip C. Crouse and Associates, Inc. today announced its 15th celebration awards and recognition to be presented at the end of the 15th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information and Data Management to be held in Houston on May 17-19, 2011. The Cornerstone Award and Pillar Award were founded in 2006.

Cornerstone Award Selection Committee Chair Pam Koscinski, Director of Well Information Management for Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK USA, noted two people who have made significant contributions to the E&P petroleum data management community will receive this year’s Cornerstone Award.

"Paul Haines, senior Principal and Upstream Lead for Noah Consulting located in Houston, Texas USA, epitomizes advancing petroleum data management over his career. Paul has made major contributions to the advancement of petroleum data management principles by providing innovative thought leadership, sharing of tested information management practices and educating senior management on the importance of ensuring data accuracy and sustainable solutions to improve the operations of an effective oil and gas company". Paul worked both on the operator side and service provider side in his career giving him a unique perspective. Paul Haines will be presented with the Cornerstone Award citing his work and contributions to advancing upstream petroleum data management in the industry.

Pam Koscinski further noted that "Fred Kunzinger, Senior Manager of Global Data Management for Hess Corporation, Houston, Texas USA, will be recognized for his success and efforts to improve communication with E&P executives on the importance of knowledge work and forward an enterprise-wide mandate for better data management which impacts business decisions." "Fred Kunzinger is the consummate professional who has shared best practices to the industry and has documented the technical information lifecycle and describing process steps in upstream petroleum data and information management within Hess which operates globally in many environments."

Koscinski noted four data management personnel will also be recognized with the Stewart McAdoo Pillar Award for their industry leadership in upstream petroleum data management:

"Mark Priest, Head of Subsurface Data Management for RasGas in Doha, QATAR, took RasGas from a state of no subsurface data management practice to an exemplary federated MDM practice."

"James Stolle, Business Development Manager for Directional Survey Data for TGS in Houston, Texas, USA has long been fighting for "data goodness", and has worked on many data quality issues in most if not all the industry workgroups, working recently on the API D12A revisions."

"Trudy A. Curtis, CEO and CIO of the PPDM Association of Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, since 1996 has lead both standards issues and standard model development while fostering better data management and best practices across the global upstream petroleum industry. She has been one of the industry standard-bearers for professionalism in data management, and advocating certification and education advancement of upstream petroleum data and information management."

"Eileen Mahlow, Supervisor of Petro-Technology and GIS Applications at XTO Energy, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, is known for her promotion of knowledge sharing among peers, sharing best practices with industry, and within XTO implemented enterprise-wide GIS and development of central data repository enterprise management within XTO."

Philip Crouse noted "Stewart McAdoo was a founding member and Chairman of the Geoshare Users Group (now part of Energistics). He saw the need to support conferencing efforts and to promote more open standards and integration technology efforts." "These four people continue to show support for data management on many fronts."

Crouse noted that the Cornerstone Award Committee was to be congratulated for the selections. "The committee was composed of an excellent cross-section of companies that have leads the advancement of petroleum data and information management." Crouse noted the selection committee members were Pam Koscinski, chairing the committee, Cora Poche, Team Lead, Seismic DM, for Shell Exploration and Production, Ellen West Nodwell, Global GIS Manager for Hess Corp, and Tina Warner, Senior Systems Analyst for Southwestern Energy Company.