Large volumes of critical information are created, purchased, delivered, and consumed every minute of every day in an Oil & Gas company. Noah Consulting works with the world's largest, enabling them to optimize the complex combination of technical, operational, regulatory and financial data for rapid, accurate, and profitable decision-making across broad portfolios of assets. Our industry expertise, technical acumen and extensive experience in designing and delivering information management solutions to address the specific needs of our customers are what make Noah Consulting unique.

  • well master
  • shale business process design
  • geophysical data management
  • well data management
  • electronic well file
  • drilling analytics
  • operational analytics
  • data clean-up


On any given day, a typical refinery has billions of dollars in liquid assets held in tanks or moving through a variety of processes. As a result, measurement accuracy, accountability, and quality control are important to a refinery’s bottom line. Understanding current state performance is critical in order to make incremental improvement. Offsite operations deliver 80-90% of a refinery’s end-user fuel products: gasoline, fuel oil/diesel, kerosene, jet fuels, LPG, etc. These operational processes make substantial use of tank farm management, oil movement processes, coordinated custody, fence-line transfer and hydrocarbon management.

  • Hydrocarbon management in a refinery
  • Crude blending
  • Refining offsite operations
  • Benchmarking of fuels blending
  • Oil movement management and control systems
  • Fuels blending control and optimization
  • Tank farm management

Content Enablement

Increasingly, information is created, stored and accessed in disparate systems complicating the ability to get “hands-on” all applicable data. The efficiency challenge costs enterprises productivity and directly impact the bottom line. Noah Consulting has a keen awareness of optimized taxonomies and uses recognized best practices to build sustainable solutions. Stakeholders benefit from quick access to critical corporate data that leaves nothing hidden in another system.

Noah Consulting establishes management processes for the information life-cycle beginning with initiation or creation, through storage and retrieval cycles and ultimately disposal. The Content Enablement team uses OpenText and SAP-centric solutions to solve enterprise challenges with a keen awareness of the capabilities and constraints of key applications and applying proprietary accelerators and tools.

  • SAP Solution Extensions by Open­Text
  • Open Text Extended ECM and Microsoft SharePoint Services for Extended ECM
  • Vendor Invoice Management
  • Employee File Management
  • Data Archiving and Document Access
  • Content Server
  • Archive Server
  • Content Lifecycle Management
  • Email Archiving
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Data Integration / Legacy Decom­missioning
  • CIS Modeling
  • Business Process Automation and Workflow Development
  • Web Services
  • Custom Integrations with OpenText and SAP solutions
  • M&A Support Data Services/Re­mediation
  • Maturity Model Assessment

Facilities Information Management

Any organization that operates, maintains, designs or builds facilities understands the need for information.  Of course, that information needs to be safely stored, catalogued, accessible and, perhaps most importantly, trusted.  In a world where functional prioritization is essential, managing facilities information is one of the greatest challenges facing Owners, Operators, Contractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Software and Services Vendors, as well as Regulators and Standards Development Organizations. Oftentimes, this challenge may get downplayed, diluted or under-resourced due to perceived higher priorities or an underestimate of the value of information management.  Deprioritizing or allowing your information management strategy to grow organically may seem like a wise move, but there are consequences. 

Unstructured data (as found in documentation) has finite value when creating and managing a digital facility: achieving maximum value from your data, across the full asset lifecycle, requires association with the structured data.   These associations should be based on defined information principles; methodologies, standards and procedures.  Defining what information needs to be collected, when, and in what form is no longer a good idea ─ it’s a differentiator in an industry where safety is a prerequisite, costs continue to rise and budgets are increasingly challenged.

Building on the already strong, proven experience of Noah Consulting, our Facilities Information Management Practice exists to deliver effective information management solutions for the diverse stakeholders involved in Major Capital Projects and facilities Operations and Maintenance across the full asset information lifecycle. 

  • asset master
  • electronic asset file

Power Services

Noah Consulting works with power service companies to create strategic direction and implement full life cycle solutions to optimize the information used in all forms of critical decision making and regulatory compliance.

  • asset master