SUMIT – A Unique Well Lifecycle Management Solution

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Information Management, SOLUTIONS - Industry Solutions


John Fike – Southwestern Energy
Randi Tucker – Southwestern Energy
Tina Warner – Southwestern Energy
Paul Haines – Noah Consulting
Frank Zendejas – Noah Consulting


Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) is a growing independent energy company primarily engaged in natural gas and crude oil exploration, development and production within North America. In 2010, they realized that they needed to make fundamental and significant changes to their application landscape to continue on this growth trend. They put projects in place with the objective to transform their operations, interpretation, and ERP environments. Along with these major structural changes they also realized that their approach, processes, and technology to well management needed to change. The methods in which they managed well data, well creation and lifecycle, and well data governance were not consistent across teams, had many manual processes and home-grown technologies, and single points of failure. This data environment would not support their growth plans nor support their more structured future application environment. SWN engaged Noah Consulting to work with them and create standards, processes, governance, and technology to manage their wells, well bores, and completions more comprehensively and to support their new application environment. The solution is called “SUMIT.” This paper will review the background and approach of SUMIT. It will look at the key objectives, desired outcomes, and critical success factors. Then it will focus on challenges of the SUMIT project; from inception to go-live. We will investigate what was done to mitigate and/or resolve the challenges. We will look at the initial desired state versus reality and where SUMIT is heading.

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