Making Data Governance Work At All Levels of the Organization

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Information Management


James Soos, Senior Principal - Noah Consulting
Joseph Seila, Lead Geoscience Data Steward - Devon Energy


Data Management has quickly become a business imperative necessary to meet the continued demand of maintaining high quality data across the enterprise. While many organizations focus on enterprise data management solutions they struggle with the balance of data management that is valuable and relevant to all levels of the organization. Enterprise solutions typical start as a wider data management solution while neglecting localized business data management problems. What compounds the issue is that each part of the organization has a different perspective on the value and usage of the data. This is especially true in the E&P industry regarding Well data. Even though Well Data is used by several disciplines, each one has a different perspective of the data, business rules, and processes. Providing the field Engineer with high quality decision data is just important as providing the back office Finance Accountant with good data. We will discuss the challenges of architecting a Well Master solution that can serve the enterprise and bring value to localize business functions while improving data quality and managing complexity.

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