Information Management in the Unconventional Space

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Strategic Services, SOLUTIONS - Industry Solutions


Fred Kunzinger, Senior Principal - Noah Consulting
Matt Tatro, Senior Principal - Noah Consulting


With the rise in the development of Unconventional Resources (Shale plays, coal bed methane, and oil sands), many upstream companies find themselves working in ways very different than when they pursue conventional assets. These differences range from the need for a much tighter integration between the various functions (Geoscience, Engineering, Production, Land, EH&S, etc.) to the business operating at speeds previously unseen in the Energy sector. While these companies’ business units are working through the issues of how to work differently to be successful, their Information Management functions face similar challenges. Many Data Management solutions implemented to support conventional Exploration and Production are being stretched in supporting these unconventional efforts. This paper will explore the similarities and differences of the information needs of Unconventional and Conventional plays, the capabilities and challenges put upon the existing information systems and processes, and what new solutions are needed to be successful.

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