Delivering a Data Governance Strategy that Meets Business Objectives

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Information Management


Fred Kunzinger - Hess Corporation
Paul Haines - Noah Consulting
Scott Schnieder- Volant Solutions


Hess Corporation has undertaken the task of developing Data Management capabilities that are in direct alignment with the goals of the Exploration and Production business units. This initiative has included the establishment of formal information governance processes and the creation of technically validated databases across the E&P value chain with the PPDM data model at the core. The activities have included the development of standards, the definition of roles and responsibilities, the evolution of a metadata strategy, the creation of the information governance process itself, and the implementation of technology that supports these activities. As a result of a partnership with Noah Consulting and Volant Solutions, the end result is a set of technically validated databases that contain approved, value-add information such as geological and geophysical interpretations.

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