Data Governance at Chevron GOM - A Case Study

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Information Management


Dave Blosser – Chevron North America Exploration and Production
Paul Haines – Noah Consulting


Data governance (DG) is one of the pillars of data management (DM) and is often considered hand-in-hand with data quality efforts and master data management programs. In our exploration and production (E&P) community, initiatives to implement data governance are often seen as either organizational efforts or technology efforts and are often spun up from the corporate office with a top-down emphasis. That approach, although well intended and with valuable recommendations, is often met with internal resistance and suspicion and falls short when it comes to implementing and sustaining data governance to make a truly significant and lasting impact within the business. The co-authors present this case study to demonstrate how data governance can be implemented in a unique and pragmatic federated manner. Our approach emphasizes a repeatable and sustainable methodology focused on supporting key business processes. We will review the methodology, components, and stages developed to implement data governance for specific data types through several proof of concepts. We will present lessons learned, challenges encountered, and business benefits realized through our efforts to date.

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