Bringing Oilfield Data into the Enterprise

INDUSTRY - Oil and Gas, SOLUTION - Information Management, SOLUTIONS - Industry Solutions


Shannon Tassin, Director -Noah Consulting


“Oilfield of the future” data reporting applications are built to enable faster decision-making based on better data. This has usually meant solutions that are specific to the hardware and software components that are installed in the field. Oilfield of the future initiatives result in an explosion of new data coming into the enterprise and create huge volumes of data that is difficult to manipulate and interpret. Many implementations have not integrated well with corporate data repositories nor have modeled data in a way that allows for easy integration into broader decision-making use. It is not until that data is integrated with maintenance schedules, equipment data, production information, and financial data that real actionable information emerges. This paper will describe new data integration, data quality, and master data management practices that should be applied when creating business intelligence applications for E&P operations.

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