Missing Supplier Information Intervention A look at how Facilities Information Management (FIM) specialists successfully drove the acquisition and integration of 11,000 missing and incomplete supplier documents.
Extended Content Management & Taxonomy Project - Large Independent E&P Company A project focused on creating a taxonomy to index & catalog information.
Large Independent Oil & Gas Company In a strong growth mode, this large oil & gas independent saw value in creating a strategy and vision for how technical information was to be managed throughout the upstream business.
SUMIT - MDM & Data Governance Improving Operations Southwestern Energy needed to expedite the drilling process. So, together with Noah Consulting, they built SUMIT, Southwestern Unified Master Integration Technology, a master data...


Q&A: Why Now is the Time to Discuss How Analytics Can Transform Budding Shale Plays in Europe In Haugesund, Norway at the ECIM E&P Data and Information Management Conference and at Digital Energy Journal’s Using Analytics to Improve Production Conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, Fred Kunzinger impressed upon attendees why now is the time for companies considering European shale plays to assess data management strategies. If you were not in Western Europe to hear Fred first hand, here is a Q&A with him about his presentation.
"Go Ask That Guy” is Not a Data Management Plan Many people default to the good ‘ol “go ask that guy” method for locating key production and drilling data silos.
Demystifying the Down Hole With Data Noah Consulting helped establish a system of record for wellbore schematics using best practices and an innovative approach.
Data Virtualization Roundtable Recap There is a lot of uncertainty about how an investment in data virtualization will add value. In an effort to dispel some of the mystery, Noah Consulting hosted an industry roundtable about data virtualization.
How To Manage Electronic Well Files An article about established best practices for electronic well file management by Randy Clark featured in the February-March 2014 edition of Digital Energy Journal.
The Shale Gale Also Brings a Data Blizzard This feature article by Jim Crompton discusses the changes that shale operations brings to data management.
PPDM Well Master and Enterprise MDM Tools A review of a presentation presented at PPDM Data Symposium Calgary in November 2013 by Kelly Guillory & Prasanna Balakrishnan
Of Well Files, Coffee Stains and Cigarette Burns The featured article in the Q3 2013 newsletter by Randy Clark. A look at how well files have changed and where they need to be.
The Shale Assembly Line featured article in the Q2 newsletter by Matt Tatro & Matt Becker that discusses the current shift in way exploration and production companies approach the unconventionals and the competitive advantage found in good data management.
Bringing Oilfield Data into the Enterprise presented at the 13th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Information Management by Shannon Tassin
Data Governance at Chevron GOM - A Case Study presented at PNEC 17th Annual International Conference
on Petroleum Data Integration, Data and Information Management by Dave Blosser and Paul Haines.
Delivering a Data Governance Strategy that Meets Business Objectives presented at the 14th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Information Management
Industry Insight: IM Benchmarking On April 11, 2013, Noah Consulting hosted an Industry Roundtable workshop in Houston, Texas, on the topic of IM Benchmarking. The event brought together representatives from 12 companies.
Information Management in the Unconventional Space presented at the 17th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Data Management by Fred Kunzinger, co-authored by Matt Tatro.

Making Data Governance Work At All Levels of the Organization presented at the 17th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Information Management
Quantitative Value of Data and Data Management presented at the 15th Annual International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data & Information Management by Noah Consulting & Hess Corporation
SUMIT – A Unique Well Lifecycle Management Solution presented at the 16th International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Data and Information Management
The Importance of Data to Unconventional Oil and Gas featured article for the Q1 2013 newsletter by Fred Kunzinger
What Is Data Worth? A Q3 newsletter article that takes a look at the PNEC paper, "Qualitative Value of Data and Data Management"


11 aug '15
Energy consultants preach importance of data management Jim Soos & others speak at the PPDM OKC Data Workshop.
Noah Consulting Helps Companies through Shale Boom and Crew Change Houston Business Journal interviews President John Ruddy.
Noah Consulting and Nexen Speak to Alberta Data Architecture Community Dean Balog, principal, will join Nexen Energy to present on data governance.
Noah Consulting and EnergyIQ form strategic alliance to deliver next generation E&P Well Header Data Management Solutions Noah Consulting and Energy IQ partner to address the needs of companies focused on developing unconventional plays with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The solutions will be delivered using EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager (TDM) software suite and Noah Consulting’s information management services.
PNEC 18th International Conference on Petroleum Data, Integration and Data Management Noah Consulting is full-conference sponsor and presenter at the PNEC 18th International Conference. Presentations on wellbore schematics, enterprise taxonomy and unstructured borehole data will be co-presented with clients, Chevron, Southwestern Energy and Devon Energy, respectively.
Noah and Devon Talk About Business Driven Data Quality at the 2014 Denver & OKC Data Symposiums.
25 mar '14
Noah presents Well File Management: Using a Maturity Model to Increase Value by Steve Nuernberg & Douglas Schultz at the 2014 PPDM Data Symposium in Houston.
03 jun '13
Noah Consulting Welcomes Long-time Data Management Veteran Jim Crompton to the Team
25 feb '13
Inspiring Students To Look At Data Management Noah Consulting is pleased to support PPDM Association’s inaugural Data Management University (DMU) & Career Fair in Houston.
19 feb '13
Stewart Nelson Elected Houston DAMA Chapter President Noah Consulting is pleased to announce that Stewart Nelson has been elected President of the Houston DAMA Chapter.
15 feb '13
Kudos to Industry Workgroups Industry workgroups play an important role within the E&P community. Collaboration between leading industry individuals pushes innovation & technology faster & further than anyone could alone.
31 jan '13
Chevron and Devon Energy Co-present with Noah at PNEC on Data Governance Noah Consulting will be presenting at the 16th Petroleum Network Education Conferences.
26 oct '12
Fred Kunzinger Named as Chairman of the Board for PPDM Noah Consulting’s Fred Kunzinger was named as Chairman of the Board for PPDM.
18 oct '12
Noah Consulting and Southwestern Energy recognized as a finalist for the World Oil Awards The 2012 WorldOil Awards recognized projects from July 2011 through June 2012
16 may '12
event: Noah Consulting & Southwestern Energy To Present at 2012 PNEC Conference
26 apr '12
Noah Consulting & Hess Exploration to Present at 2012 PNEC Conference A continuation of a 2010 presentation by Hess, Noah, & Volant on the Interpretation Technically Validated Database.
31 may '11
Haines & Kunzinger Named 2011 PNEC Cornerstone Recipients Paul Haines was presented with the Cornerstone Award for his work in advancing upstream data management.
11 may '11
PPDM and Noah Consulting PPDM and Noah Consulting Sign Cooperation Agreement –Noah Consulting and the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) have a long standing relationship.