Oil & Gas

Large volumes of critical information are created, purchased, delivered, and consumed every minute of every day in an Oil & Gas company. Noah Consulting works with the world's largest, enabling them to optimize the complex combination of technical, operational, regulatory and financial data for rapid, accurate, and profitable decision-making across broad portfolios of assets. Our industry expertise, technical acumen and extensive experience in designing and delivering information management solutions to address the specific needs of our customers are what make Noah Consulting unique.

Power Services

Noah Consulting works with power service companies to create strategic direction and implement full life cycle solutions to optimize the information used in all forms of critical decision making and regulatory compliance.

Retail Utilities

We understand the business, from the regional differences in business models to challenges with data sourcing. Noah helps Retail Utility Service Providers see the information needed to make better business decisions that improves their bottom line.

Supply & Trading

Noah Consulting can provide enterprise-wide master counterparty data and consolidate transactions and positions to proactively manage, measure, and mitigate the risk arising from counterparty default. Our credit risk management Business Intelligence solutions provide rating triggers and "what if" analysis of future potential default impacts to an organization based on credit review cycles as well as upgrades / downgrades from top credit agencies alongside Potential Future Exposure (PFE), Maximum Potential Exposure (MPE) and other stochastic modeling calculations.

Natural Resources

Noah Consulting works with Natural Resource companies to create strategic direction and implement full life cycle solutions to optimize critical decision making. The capital cost of operations, regulatory constraints, and volatile markets create a very significant need for accurate, timely information. Noah helps clients plan, build, and execute Information Management solutions which bring rapid iterative achievement of their goals.