Our reputation hinges on our ability to provide delivery excellence at every engagement. We do this through an organizational approach and an engagement model that enable clients to rapidly see value in increased decision making ability. This approach employs contemporary accelerators backed by methodologies and a team of experienced specialists who have a unique blend of information technology and energy expertise.


Averaging over 18 years of experience, our team of professionals shares a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen. Our subject matter experts come from operating companies and possess first-hand experience in business operations. Our architecture team is skilled in multiple aspects and approaches to design, modeling, and integration. Further, we understand the value of data to the business decision-maker who relies on timely and accurate information. Our team also includes accomplished project managers and business analysts with industry-specific experience.


Our experts have assembled some of the best accelerators in the business, such as models, templates, and technique papers, which shorten project time and increase quality and effectiveness. We focus on achieving an in-depth understanding of our client's needs and then translate those requirements into a clear, proven roadmap for success.


We combine our knowledge and our assets with an interactive repository to represent a best-in-class process called "ARC Methodology" (Access, Retrieve, Collaborate) that is a multiple-track system designed to address start-to-finish solutions. This enables our team of experts to arrive at each engagement with a plan based on proven success. Because of technology innovations and industry evolution, we carefully document, harvest, and synthesize the experience gained on each and every project to improve upon the next.



Establish Noah Consulting

Expand beyond the US with Canadian Project

Open Calgary office

Establish the Lynn Lindsay Service with Integrity Award

Begin the Equity Purchase Program for Employees

Surpass the 100 Personnel Mark

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 Noah Consulting Named One of Houston Business Journal's 2012 Best Places to Work  Noah Consulting is Honored with Consulting Magazine's 2012 Small Jewel Award Noah Consulting and Southwestern Energy Recognized as a Finalist for the World Oil Awards


  • John Ruddy
    John Ruddy President
  • Shannon Tassin
    Shannon Tassin Director
  • Stewart Nelson
    Stewart Nelson Director

John sets the "Gold Standard" at Noah. As the President of Noah Consulting, he is an experienced and compassionate leader. He describes Noah as "Excellence in action" and believes that is true because in addition to our technical expertise, comprehensive industry knowledge, and expert delivery, we care deeply about our people and our clients. John has 25 years of experience in building and managing global businesses; launching and leading energy-focused consultancies; and providing strategic planning, business development, and complex global program and project management. John has a great love for his family, including his extended (Noah) family. In his downtime he enjoys spending time with family and friends, audio/visual-related electronics, yard work, camping, scuba diving, and skiing.

With more than 14 years of experience in developing technology solutions for clients, Shannon has a keen understanding of the energy industry. He has managed large, complex programs for upstream clients, led an upstream energy alliance, and developed both front- and back-office consulting offerings targeted at discovering new and efficient ways to deliver value to exploration and production businesses. Shannon's strive for greatness reaches beyond Noah to his personal achievements as both a family man and philanthropist. He is the founding President of Father's Joy, a non-profit organization that he and his wife, Kristin run together that provides support and information to families of children with disabilities. When Shannon is not working he enjoys time with his family, playing golf & watching football.

Stewart sets the tempo at Noah Consulting. As Director, his fast-paced, energetic style inspires those around him. He brings ideas together rapidly and has a tremendous passion for understanding challenges and establishing clear expectations. For the last 20 years, Stewart has worked to build sales, marketing and delivery capabilities for various service organizations in the Energy domain. Stewart enjoys good communication and often uses graphics to efficiently make a point, which is why he has never met a white board he does not like. When he is not working, he is spending time with his wife, Erica and their young children. He enjoys time with friends playing hoops, golfing, fishing, and bird hunting.